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1. Can I join if I have never done fishing or know how to swim?
Yes! Our fishing trips are suitable for both beginner and experienced learners and wearing a life jacket is mandatory either you know how to swim or not. Our instructors will ensure that you learn how to fish in a safe and professional manner.
2. Can I keep the fish I catch?
During our academic classes our concept is catch and release. While attending later on the fishing trips then yes you can keep the fish as long as its within the law of UAE.
3. What do I need to bring on a fishing trip?
All you need to bring is original Passport or Emirates ID. Also put on sun-protection , take the sea sickness pills if need.
4. What is number of students in each program?
⦁ Junior and Youngsters Program (3 days program)
  • Maximum number of students are 10 students. (Day 1 and 2)
  • Maximum number in Day 3 in each boat is 5 students including their parents if they wish to join.
⦁ Adult Program (4 hours) maximum no 6
⦁ My fishing Program (4 hours) maximum no 6
⦁ Woman Program Program (2 days) maximum no 6
⦁ Tourist Program (5 hours) maximum no 6
5. Any Sibling discount?
Yes 15% on the second child
6. Are student allowed to bring food/drinks?
Yes there will be break for quick snaks/drinks.
7. Can parent join the fishing trip on Day3 of Junior/Youngsters Program?
Yes a parent can join by paying a nominal amount.